What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to Tremblay Orthodontics, where we are committed to delivering personalized, professional care that will create a healthy and beautiful smile just for you. Dr. Tremblay and our team believe in providing each patient with a positive orthodontic experience, because we know that your new smile will truly change your life.

Orthodontics is not just about developing straight teeth, but about developing the right bite for you, which leads to better oral health and fewer issues with your jaw joints and chewing muscles. At the end of treatment, you’ll not only have an amazing smile, but your oral health will be greatly improved and you’ll be less likely to have problems in the future. If you have an issue such as TMJ-TMD, we can correct the problem and alleviate your pain.

Here, we understand what it’s like to be embarrassed to smile because you’re ashamed of your teeth. Imagine the day when you’ll be able to smile and laugh, knowing that your expression is perfect and beautiful. You’ll no longer cover your mouth when you smile; you’ll no longer be self-conscious and worried about what someone else might think of your teeth. You’ll be relaxed and your self-esteem will be sky high!

When you come to Tremblay Orthodontics for your first, complimentary consultation, you’ll see the difference in our practice. Everything here is designed with you and your needs in mind. From our comfortable reception area to the latest technologies and our use of the most proven treatment options, you’ll understand that here, we have you covered. Better yet, we love what we do and this is a warm, friendly environment, filled with laughter and smiles.

Our orthodontic team will meet with you to talk about your smile dreams and desires in seeking treatment. Based on this information, as well as the clinical findings, we’ll create a treatment plan that’s right for your specific needs. We’ll review the different options and answer your questions about how each works. We’d like for you to be involved in deciding the treatment path.

Once we start treatment, we’ll keep you updated on the progress we’re making in improving your oral health and developing your new smile. Should you ever have questions or concerns, we encourage you to raise them with us: We want your experience to be positive, and if there’s something on your mind, we’d like to help.

The day your treatment is complete, and your new smile is revealed to the world, we’ll be celebrating with you. Over the course of treatment, we’ll have come to see you as a friend and family member, and we’ll be so happy for you, because you’ve stuck it out and now have great things ahead of you.

If you’re ready to make your dreams of a new smile a reality, and have questions about orthodontics, please call our office or email us. Our team looks forward to meeting you and starting you on the path to healthy, straight teeth, for years of confident smiles!

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